Enrolling is easy…

just follow these simple steps and your Fusion Kid will be ready to go!


Step 1

Go to the Parent Participation page of our site and read about all of the possible levels of parent involvement. When you have decided upon the manner in which your family would like to be involved, then move onto step 2!

Step 2

Click on the Enroll Online tab of the website (or click on the link) and fill out the online form.

Step 3

Upon receipt of your information, we will email you the enrollment forms. You may also download them here. Fill out the enrollment forms and either drop them off at the co-op or email them back to us. Please note that in order for us to reserve your child’s spot at the co-op, we must receive your first month of tuition in the form of a check.


That’s it!

Welcome to Fusion Kids Co-op Preschool! We cannot wait to meet you!

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask!

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