Parent Participation

We have a variety of levels of participation available...

Levels of Involvement

Fusion Kids Co-op offers many options for parent involvement. We want to provide opportunities for all families that best suit your schedules, skill sets and interests. Some of these opportunities require more time than others, therefore we have built a tuition schedule with that understanding in mind. We offer 4 levels of participation corresponding to 4 different tuition schedules which are outlined below.

Supporting Roles

These positions are the most plentiful and varied. They include teacher aides, snack program volunteers, opening/closing duties, serving on various support groups lead by Parent Committee Appointees etc.  Some of these roles may be seasonal and may change as needed. When you enroll as a Supporting Role family, you will typically have several options available based on the current needs of the program.



  • $170/month for 2 days
  • $200/month for 3 days

Parent Committee Appointees

These positions are appointed by the Board and play an integral role on the business and organizational side of the Co-op. Positions include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Facilities Manager
  • Garden Program Director


  • $100/month for 2 days
  • $130/month for 3 days

Non Participating

Fusion Kids Co-op will allot a limited number of spaces to a non-participating enrollment status. Although the success of the co-op relies heavily on parent participation, financial support is equally important. The additional tuition from these enrollment slots will be valuable to the continuing development of the programs offered at the co-op.



  • $320/month for 2 days
  • $400/month for 3 days

Parent Teachers

Parent Teachers are an integral part of the success of Fusion Kids Co-op Preschool. As a Parent Teacher you will be responsible for planning and delivering lessons to the students of the co-op using the Fusion Early Learning Curriculum. Parent Teachers will need to be available for curriculum and teacher trainings. Trainings take place outside of normal co-op hours and will occur at least three times per school year. Parent Teachers will teach students for one week each month on either a M/W/F or T/Th schedule. There will be a limited number of Parent Teacher enrollments available. Potential Parent Teachers should have prior experience in the field of education and lesson planning.


* Please contact director for pricing